Camo Oak Rocker Panel Wrap Decal 3m Cast Vinyl 10 Yr Truck SUV- 12" x 25 feet

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Affordable Pricing
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Premium 3m Cast Vinyl Rocker Panel Wrap


This combination is highly conformable to curves, repositionable, slideable, and removes clean and will not harm paint. We print in High Resolution with leading technology UV resistant inks for the longest lasting graphics offered.


This easy-to-use kit is designed for the do-it-yourself installer. This Material is the easiest wrap vinyl to install. Easy to follow instructions are included with your kit.


Best Material Offered: Premium 3m Cast Air Release Vinyl and Laminate for years of long life 8-10 years life expectancy this is 3m's Top Vinyl. We provide the most complete kit and the best material offered guaranteed:


1. Instructions, Squeegee and Razor Knife Included

2. The Best Wrap Material Offered on Ebay

3. Air Release, Slideable, Repositionable, Removes Clean.

4. Easiest Wrap Material Offered To Install Of All.

5. Primer 94 (to use on wheel wells for extra strong bonding)

6. 6  Wraps - 12" x 50"  easier to handle during installation, 3 for each side total 25 feet.


Universal Kit designed to fit most full-size and compact trucks Air Channel Release technology for easy, bubble-free installation slideable  repositionable while installing and removes clean and will not harm your vehicle. With a little heat and patience this material can wrap most anything.


We also offer a more economical 3m Wrap Vinyl that has a durability rating of 7 years. Click here to see.


Cast Vinyl At The Best Pricing

Cast Vinyl vs Calander Vinyl

Cast Vinyl is a Premium Vinyl that has no memory so it conforms to complex shapes and does not shrink. Automotive Wraps and Branding Decals are made of Cast Vinyl. Calendar Vinyl retains memory and sometimes will try and move back to its original state and may cause shrinkage. Calendar Vinyl is a good general purpose vinyl used on flat surfaces such as window decals, cornhole board decals and  general purpose decals. If it doesn't say Cast most likely it is Calendar Vinyl. Vehicle wraps should be made of Cast Vinyl to prevent lifting, cracking and shrinking. There are some Calendard Vinyl made for Wraps just make sure you are getting a Vinyl for Wraps.


Beware Sellers are selling so called Vehicle Wrap Vinyl that is 3m35c Calender Vinyl as removable  5-7 year vinyl. This is untrue it has perment adhesive last 3-5 years. 3m only offers 2 Calendar Vinyl that is removable 3m 40C and 3m 160 ask before you purchase.


We suggest Cast Vinyl For Vehicle Wraps but if you would like an economical alternative we suggest our 3m 40c with a 7 year durability.



Any Printed Unlaminated decal will only last 1-3 years before the Ink fades without Lamination. All Decals Should Be Laminated unless they are temporary and only used under a year or used indoors. Lamination also helps with installation by preventing the vinyl from stretching and deforming which happens to unlaminated vinyl.


Cast Vinyl with Lamination will last approximately 8-10 Years.

Calendar Vinyl with Lamination will last 3-7 years.


Items are wrapped in protective material and shipped USPS Priority Mail Insured. Please allow up to 48 hours for items to ship most items will ship within 24. When item is shipped tracking information will be sent to you.

READ THIS POLICY: Returns are accepted under following conditions. Mail damaged items will be accepted or error's on our part and we will pay the shipping. You have 48 hours from the time the package is delivered to report any damage. Once you have attempted installation, return policy is void. Items that are custom, personalized, or "custom made" are not returnable unless a clear mistake was made on our part. We will then exchange it or send the replacement part to you. We are NOT responsible for installation errors. If you typo in your order details your are responsible for replacement. We copy and paste EXACTLY as YOU type it. Money back option is  available if we sent the wrong color or made an error and cannot send a replacement. If we made an error, We will gladly correct it. If customer would like to retun unused item for any other reason customer pays shipping back to supplier and once recivied we will issue full refund of purchase price if product had free shipping a nominal fee will be deducted for orginal shipping. Once decal has been applied to any surface, Return policy becomes 100% void since decal cannot be re-used. Any questions, Please feel free to ask.

This is why Calender Vinyl should not be used for Vehicle Wraps always a chance of shrinking. Cast Vinyl does not shrink. If it does not say Cast Vinyl most likely its Calender Vinyl.

We use the Best Quality 3m Air Release Cast Vehicle Vinyl and Matte Laminate which has a deep no glare finish.