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Wolf Rear Window Graphic Decal Perforated Vinyl Wrap

Wolf Rear Window Graphic Decal Perforated Vinyl Wrap


This one-way perforated window film is the perfect add on to your truck or other vehicle. Printed using commercial printer using solvent ink on quality 50/50 perforated vinyl at high resolution. These graphics apply to the outside of the window. This does NOT interfere with any interior window tinting. Graphic installs on OUTSIDE surface of window and see thru from the inside. These graphics are easy to apply and easy to remove, just peel, apply and trim.

Window perforated graphics can be installed over heated windows. Can be applied to tint windows and sliding windows- install and trim. We do not recommend putting it on windows that have wipers. Graphic installs on outside of window easy to apply peel install and trim. Complete installation instructions and squeegee included. Can be applied to tint windows and sliding windows- install and trim. Graphic comes in 2 sizes to fit MOST vehicles. Please measure your window BEFORE ordering to ensure you receive the proper size.

  • Small Medium 18"x64" (Ranger, Colorado,mid size and some Full Size Trucks)
  • Large 22" x 66" - (Full Size Truck) Made in the USA

Made in USA

How do these graphics allow you to see through them?

These graphics are printed on a mechanically perforated vinyl material. The material is 50% material and 50% holes. The human eye picks up light reflected from objects. This material capitalizes on this fact. From outside your eyes see the light reflected off the colorful, high resolution graphics, blending the holes. It looks like a solid image. The adhesive side, which faces inside is black. When you look out from the inside of the vehicle, your eyes see the light reflected from objects outside e.g. cars, scenery etc. and blend in the black.


Prior to installation, my new graphic appears  dull. The colors are not that bright and vivid. Will this change after I install it?
Yes, once the peel away layer has been removed, the colors will increase in brightness and clarity.

Can these be installed with a rear wiper?
It is best to avoid the use of wiper blades and snow scrapers. Rear window mounted wiper blades can cause premature wear to your rear window graphic.

Will snow scrapers damaged my rear window graphic?
Snow scrapers can damage your rear window graphic. 

Will the image be damaged by window tint or defrosters?
No. these graphics apply to the outside of the window and will not effect, or be effected by window tints of factory window defrosters. 

Are they installed on the inside or outside of the window?
All see-through window graphics are applied to the outside of the window surface. 

Can I take my vehicle through a car wash with my rear window graphic?
Try to avoid all power car washes during the week following installation. However, after that period it is safe to take through car washes. As a general rule, treat the image as you would the painted surface of your car. Do not use abrasive cleaners on the image. 


Will my vision be obstructed by rainfall, snowfall, car washes, etc?
Yes, condensation, rainfall, snowfall and car washes can fill the small perforations of the rear window graphic and cause reduced vision until drying occurs. Turning on your rear defroster may speed this process.

Are rear window graphics easy to install and remove?
Installation: Rear window graphics are easy to install and remove yourself! Install wet using the included special formulated application fluid for easy installation even for beginners.
Removal: Rear window graphics can be removed by using a thin scraping device. It is best to start from one corner and lift up a small section. Once a small section is lifted, you can normally use hand force to pull the rear window graphic from the glass. If any adhesive residue remains, clean with a quality commercial glass cleaner or remover/cleaner. 

Where are these graphics produced?
All graphics are designed copyrighted and printed in the United States of America. 


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